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Payment and Pickup Instructions

Thank you so much for supporting Seattle Pro Musica via our Online Auction!

After the Auction closes you will receive an automated message letting you know if you were a successful bidder in the auction. This message will include the payment and pick-up instructions as outlined below:

Winning bidders must pay for their items by credit card using our secure payment system. You will receive an email notifying you of your successful bid and you will have until 9pm on May 5 to log back into your account to complete the payment process. If you prefer to pay by cash or check, you may make arrangements with Seattle Pro Musica at 206-781-2766 prior to the deadline.

For "buy it now" items, the bidder will have the ability to pay by credit card immediately without having to wait until the auction closes on May 1.

All physical items will be available for pick up at Seattle Pro Musica's office in Ballard (1770 NW 58th St. Ste. 124, Seattle WA 98107). Item delivery can be coordinated within 15 miles of Seattle only for items that have expressly offered this option. No other items will be shipped or mailed unless special arrangements are made with Seattle Pro Musica. An additional fee may be assessed for this service.

Final Auction item statements will be mailed to winning bidders in May.